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Small Aids to Daily Living

Simple items which will make all the difference around the home, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Seat Protector

Seat Protector


Protect your favourite seat or even car seat with this comfortable l litre capacity absorbent pad. It has a fully waterproof backing and can be washed 300 times.

Bed protector

Bed protector


This unique one way urine barrier and generous absorbencies ensure that protection and comfort are maximized. The stay dry, one way layer allows fluid to flow quickly through to the absorption layer, where it meets to waterproof layer, keeping the sleeper dry for the whole night. Kylie bed sheets can be washed 300 times and still maintain their outstanding properties. They can be purchased in 1 Litre, 2 Litre, 3 and 4 Litre capacities.




Disposable insert pads used with pouch pants are convenient and easy to use. Manufactured from fluff pulp and tissue, they are highly absorbent and completely biodegradable.



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