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Small Aids to Daily Living

Simple items which will make all the difference around the home, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Putnam’s Wedges

Putnam’s Wedges


The simple action of sitting is likely to cause neck and lower back pain to many people due to enormous pressure placed on the spine. The Wedges are ideal for car seats because they angle the body to a comfortable, easy driving position. Placed on an office chair, they adapt the angle of the sitting position, encouraging good posture. Wedges are available in different sizes with an option for a cut-out to reduce pressure on the coccyx.

Putnam's Theracube

Putnam's Theracube


Theracube cushions are ideal for pressure reduction when sitting for long periods. They support the user due to the high density grade of foam, while the castellated cushioning ensures even weight distribution. The Theracube has a rounded front for comfort and is tapered front to back which helps to stop sliding forward. The deep channels allow air to circulate for less heat build-up.

Putnam’s Sero Pressure Cushions

Putnam’s Sero Pressure Cushions


Made from superior foam for high performance and durability, the integral pockets allow air to circulate enabling heat to disperse, while the high profile foam helps eliminate numbness and relieves pressure points. They are all one size with varying cut-outs and are suitable for the home, office and travelling. The stretched polyester cover (as standard) or the Harmony waterproof cover are zipped and hand washable.

Putnam’s Lumbar Rolls

Putnam’s Lumbar Rolls


Lumbar Rolls are good for counteracting slouching in most seats, and are firm lower back supports. The Lumbar Rolls are designed to be placed at waist line between you and your seat, sit well back in your seat and adjust for immediate support. They are covered in hard wearing velour with adjustable fixing strap. The Lumbar Support Rolls come in three different sizes.



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