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Small Aids to Daily Living

Simple items which will make all the difference around the home, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.




Flexyfoot, a British invention, is a new type of rubber ferrule for your walking stick or crutches that offers real benefits in pain relief and improved confidence in walking. Its flexibility increases the stability of your walking stick and improves your safety and its shock absorption reduces pain and stress in your wrists. The Flexyfoot also offers superior grip on slippery surfaces and increases your confidence when out walking.
Available from Rehability along with other Flexyfoot products such as folding walking sticks. In a range of sizes Flexyfoot ferrules are priced from £10.99

Walking Stick

Walking Stick


Folding, height adjustable, coloured walking sticks come in a lovely range of colours and designs. They are extremely lightweight.

Adjustable Quad Cane

Adjustable Quad Cane


This adjustable stick is styled as a traditional stick but with the extra stability of a small quad base.



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